Pro Elite Marketing System Review – What You Need To Know

Pro Elite Marketing System Review- What You Need To Know

Pro Elite Marketing System is a marketing and education mastermind community designed and created by Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson, Co Founders of Carbon Copy Pro. Pro Elite was designed to solve all the problems and hurdles that new members and people who want to build a solid online business using the internet who has no marketing or business experience.  As new innovations emerge on the internet so does the skills and strategies of becoming a true online marketer and business owner. This is where Pro Elite responds to the ever changing environment of the internet, allowing it’s members to capitalise on these new online marketing strategies regardless of your own personal experience or marketing knowledge.  The company itself is committed to its mission statement of creating 100 millionaires by the year 2012.

What is Pro Elite Marketing System?

So what is Pro Elite? Pro Elite is the new version of Carbon Copy Pro which was created almost seven years ago. During this time Carbon Copy Pro was the marketing arm for Wealth Masters International. Until recently Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masters International have moved different ways. Since the departure, Carbon Copy Pro has developed it’s own range of educational products called “Pro U“, a select range of educational products designed for the entrepreneur and master marketer. Pro Eliteis the new face of Carbon Copy Pro as it shrugs of the associations it use to have from the past.  Pro Elite provides a step by step system for people who want to generate true wealth from the internet.  By using all the tools and training provided by Pro Elite, people who have had no experience in online marketing can follow the proven formula, take the steps outlined in the system and have a desire to take action can see improved results in their online marketing skills and their incomes.

Pro Elite is not a MLM company. It is a marketing mastermind education system that enables you as the student to be able to be taught by the best minds in online marketing and provide you with a real opportunity to earn substantial income from the internet. What makes Pro Elite stand out from the crowd is that it provides solid training, systems, tools and access to all the Pro Elite Partners who are six and seven figure income earners in their own right. The good thing about Pro Elite is that you dont have to recruit, sell, pitch any product or service to anyone. Your aim in Pro Elite is to market the system the way Pro Elite teaches you.

The Downside – The system is not as good as it use to be. Applicants are not being followed by the business which is a critical component of the Pro Elite System. The reason why you pay $149 per month it to have the system do the work for you. Unfortunately not the case from my experience.

Conclusion- I chose not to pursue the Pro U membership products which start at $2000 for Silver Membership. I found another avenue to make money online which was a less of risk and didn’t require all the skills to generate income like Pro Elite. You can see it HERE

If you are serious about creating some income without the risks, plug yourself into our team of online marketers, leverage the internet and generate income the smart way.

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